Stand on Liquid: Sunset Rigid Board - CO only

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2018 model, used for 2018 & 2019

Includes a paddle

When looking for a stand-up paddleboard that is virtually indestructible, the Stand on Liquid Sunset is your answer. The redesigned Sunset Series offers the most durable construction on the market and incredibly lightweight. The Polycarbonate thermoformed sheets and ABS rails provide ample protection and impact resistance, reducing the need to worry about dings and dents. The Sunset provides tremendous stability for novice paddlers and is ideal for a variety of activities. These attributes aid in making the Sunset a great all-around recreational SUP board for paddling flatwater, catching waves, and everything in between.

The Sunset construction uses ABS/polycarbonate thermoform sheets over a closed-cell EPS foam core. PVC reinforcements are added to the rails for increased durability and impact resistance.

  • Thermoformed ABS/Polycarbonate construction
  • Stable and perfect for beginner paddlers
  • Ultra-durable and impact resistant
  • Nose tie-down points for gear storage
  • Locking ability