2018 Jackson Antix Kayak, Medium

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Used 2018 Jackson Antix WW Kayak, Medium 

  • Scratches on hull
  • Handles, knee/hip pads, seat, and back support intact
  • Kayaks are not available to be shipped and must be picked up at our warehouse in Louisville, CO

Original Description

  • Powerhouse play-boating kayak for paddle enthusiasts
  • Planed hull balances stability and maneuverability
  • Uni-Shock and U-Channel track enhances paddler and kayak safety
  • Slicey stern lets you throw out tricks with confidence and ease
  • Full bow gives you comfortable space for long days on the water
  • Adjustable padded seat with back band and thigh pads
  • Lightweight construction and handles make for easy transporting
  • Built in GoPro mounting

Tech Specs

Length: 7ft 9in
Width: 26in
Cockpit Dimensions[small] 34 x 19in, [medium] 35 x 20.6in, [large] 36.25 x 22in
Volume: 63L
Paddler Skill: Intermediate, Advanced
Maximum Load: 120 - 190lb
Claimed Weight: 36lb